Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha

MKSSS Career Guidance Expo 2023

4 - 5 November

MKSSS Campus, BNCA, Karvenagar Pune.

TimestampEmail AddressLOGO of unit( Cdr/pdf) File format useful for uploadUSPs of unit( Unique selling points of unit)Write about Collaborations of UnitWrite about Associations Write about Achievements Workshop conduction at UNIT ( please write about workshop and Name of workshop coordinator or faculty conducting Workshop at unit venue , Duration, Batch size, mode of conduction or brief about workshop .

( Workshop will be conducted at unit level at respective unit's location.
Maximum 2 to minimum 1 workshop can be conducted per unit for duration of 2 hours minimum.
Unit can conduct/repeat same workshop twice.
Unit can conduct workshops pre and post lunch and /or on 4 th and/or 5 th November 2023.( maximum 2 workshops in these 2 days.)
Workshop team will work on workshop details received for setting slots/registrations. )
10/4/2023 10:46:01unithead@bkwsc.maharshikarve.org unit works with the aim of social wellbeing. All the initiatives are research based and directed towards the betterment of the community. Networking, collaborations and capacity building of various stake holders of the society are the core focus areas. Department of Gender studies: Through this department the Centre focuses on conducting various workshops, training programs and credit courses in colleges in Pune and Maharashtra. Currently Centre has MoUs with BNCA, Baburao Gholap college, Sangvi, MES's Institute of Management (IMCC) and Tuljaram Chaturchand College
Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Baramati, Pune
CSR: For the financial year 2022-2024 the Centre has received funding of ₹90 lakhs from Bajaj Finserv. The project is Upskilling of 3200 Domestic Working Women in Pune city.
The Centre provides counselling facility to all our inhouse units. Also, expert guidance and lectures on Gender studies and Health-Nutrition is provided.
Dilasa Counselling: Dilasa counselling centre conducted Lifeskills training program for hostel students of Vidyarthi Sahayyak samiti.
Gender Sensitization Campaign - The Centre, in association with thhe NSS department of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), conducted Gender Sensitization Campaign in the academic year 2021-22. We could reach the student representatives and NSS coordinators of around 535 colleges from Pune, Ahmednagar and Nasik district. Various awareness programs and workshops were conducted in offline and online mode. The total reach of students under this campaign was around 12k students. -We won't be conducting any workshop.
10/4/2023 12:05:37mktgmkssslasers@gmail.com make customized products ,also conduct courses and do the production.we have MOU s with S B Patil College of Architecture (Pimpri-Chinchwad ,Pune) for 2 years 2) MIT College of Architecture & Design (Loni Kalbhore , Pune) for 5years . We are associated with all units inside samstha 2) AVBP 3) Tarachand Ramnath Seva Trust , 4) We Wake Indigreen company 5) Jyana Prabodhini School N A 1) General Introduction of Laser Department , Lantern making , coasters / Diary making .
10/4/2023 13:58:03mksssmart@gmail.com young girls through media education with cutting-edge studios and advanced equipment, fostering creativity and innovation.Forged partnerships with esteemed studios like Indian Magic Eye, Rainbow Umbrella, Be Birbal, and other renowned creative hubs, enhancing collaborative opportunities and expanding our network.Established affiliations with prominent Media Production Houses and Media Channels, creating valuable avenues for internships and job placements, enriching professional prospects for aspiring individuals.Achieved a milestone by securing placements for over 100 students in the media industry, showcasing our commitment to fostering successful careers and shaping the future professionals of tomorrow.Day 1: Radio Jockeying and Anchoring | Prof. Devdutta Bhingarkar | 25 Students
Day 2: Mobile Filmmaking | Prof. Ahmad Shaikh | 25 Students
10/5/2023 15:04:13girish.moghe@maharshikarvebcapune.org Linkages with MNCs
2.State of the art infrastructure
For Employability enhancement, college has collaboration with following organizations
Cognitive exchange, Quick heal Foundation ,FUEL, Wakayama University Japan, Rubicon, Magic Bus Foundation ,Internshala
Wipro, Cognizant, TCS Deloitte, Capgemini ,Infosys ,BNCA1.Students are merit holders in University
2.Successful Organization of Pool campus Placement
3.Outstanding Support for Placement-Award by Wipro
4.Cultural and Sports Award in Intercollegiate Competitions
5.Students Placements in MNCs
Workshop 1. Name: Website Development
Coordinator: Manali Sapkal
Duration : 2 Hrs
Batch Size : 50
Mode of Conduction: Offline Hands on Training on HTML
Workshop 2. Name: Android Application Development
Coordinator: Dr. Vaishali Harsulkar
Duration : 2 Hrs
Batch Size : 50
Mode of Conduction: Offline Hands on Training on Android Application
10/5/2023 16:09:08csdshruti@gmail.com Responsive Skill Based Training
2.Industry Oriented Skills Development of Students
3.Pocket Friendly Courses to Empower Women
4.Highly Qualified Trainer from Industry
5.Flexible Course Timings
6.Online and Offline Courses
7.Trained more 12000+ students
Collaborations with all Educational Units within MKSSS NATrained more 12000+ students with successful placements :80%A) Workshop 1
1.Name of the Workshop: AI Tools in Excel 365
2.Venue - Centre for Skills Development - Computer Lab
3. Duration – 1.5 Hours
4. Time : 11:00 Am – 12:30 Pm
5.Batch Size – 30-35 Participants
6. Brief about workshop –
I. AI in Excel hacks to analyze data and create reports in 2 minutes.
II. Creating PowerPoint Presentation in 5 minutes
III. Combining ChatGPT with Macro to automate your work effortlessly and much more.

B) Workshop 2
1.Name of the Workshop: Effective Presentation Skills
2.Venue - Centre for Skills Development – Language Lab
3. Duration – 1.5 Hours
4. Time: 2:00 Pm -3:30 Pm
5.Batch Size – 30-35 Participants
6. Brief about workshop –
I. Students will communicate effectively through professional presentations in various settings such as college course work and job interviews.
II. Enable students to create and deliver engaging and informative presentations.

C) C) Workshop 3
1.Name of the Workshop: Personality Development
2.Venue - Centre for Skills Development –Soft Skills Lab
3. Duration – 1.5 Hours
4. Time: 3:30 Pm -5:00 Pm
5.Batch Size – 30-35 Participants
6. Brief about workshop –
I. Identifying your personality and traits.
II. Tips to enhance confidence and build your personality.
10/5/2023 17:25:26projectcoordinator@mnvti.org the skills courses from different Sector Food .Interior ,Fashion , Computer Collaboration with KPIT and Light house foundation . CMAI IIID, timbar market association and 20 moreWe have started our own production center in Textile and garment for needy women as well we have completed 19 live projects in interior design MNVTI awarded Excellent Grade in Academic performance of MSBTE courses for the year 2022 and 2023MNVTI will conduct work shop in field of interior Design Fashion Designing and Food
10/5/2023 18:09:22sdifl@maharshikarve.org up the gates for the new career opportunities through Foreign Language Training. 1. Cambridge University Press and English Assessment.
2. IDP (International Development Program)
3. Wakayama Language School, Japan. (BNCA and SDIL)
4. MMB


1. Represented SDIL in a global conference of Cambridge University at Delhi.Name of the coordinator: Rajashree Phatak
Venue: HNIMR, auditorium
Duration: 90 minutes.
Batch Size: 60 - 80
Mode: Offline
Brief: Career perspectives abroad.
10/6/2023 14:50:12shubhadabnca@gmail.com Student's college with a secure environment where girls learn to lead and become independent.

Hi-tech digital fabrication lab with 3D printers, laser cutting machine, CNC machine
and 6axis KuKa robotic arm ; other Labs like Immersive Media Lab, Wood Working Lab, Caple Lab, Environmental Lab etc providing exposure to the current trends in Design and Technology

Hands on Experiential Learning

National and International Collaborative Studios

International exposure through Internships, Study tours, and Exchange programs

International Collaborations under United Nations Academic Impact Program of BNCA

Highly qualified faculty with 22 Doctorate Faculty

Interdisciplinary learning from other MKSSS Institutes through Add-on Courses

Students Clubs lead and run by Students for their holistic development

BNCA is committed to developing meaningful National and International collaborations to enable students exposure to new environments, cultures, and pedagogies.BNCA has 58 global collaborations and 11 current partner universities, perhaps the highest in any private institute of Architecture in India. We have conducted 24 joint workshops and
studio programs.

BNCA has been a Member of the UN Academic Impact (UNAI) since 2012 and became a UNAI hub in 2014. It serves as UNAI’s global hub on “Addressing poverty”.

Current Partner Universities include Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy),Ontario India – (OIN) Student Exchange Program (Canada),Canberra University (Australia),Sookmyung Women’s University (Seoul, Korea), Udayana University (Bali, Indonesia),Curtin University, Australia, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (PUC), Barcelona – ETSAB, Demola -Budapest , EU,Colombo School of Architecture, University of Philadelphia (In pipeline), Foreign & Overseas – Chinese Affairs Office of Jinhua Municipal Peoples government, Utah University, USA

Our Past Collaborations include University of Westminster (UK) & EPA, London, Southbank University, Brisbane, Australia, KTH Royal Institute of Technology is a university in Stockholm, Sweden,SLIGO University, Ireland, Sweden Institute of Architects,School of International Training (SIT), USA, SIDA – Swedish International Development Agency, Belgium INTACH, University of Calpoly (San Lui Obispo – USA), E’Cole D’Architecture De Clermont Ferrand (France),Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany,The Bauhaus school, Dessau (Germany),California Summer School Program

Our Professional Collaborations till date include Stubbs & Rich Assoc. At Bath, U.K, A & D Firm & E’cole D’architecture De Paris (2002-04), Gera Associates, Paris, France, Vijay Kale’s Firm In New York, Vincent Speller, Fabre & Speller Assoc, France, Shyam Kolhatkar’s Office At Dubai (1998-2000)
We have association with various government , semi-government and Private organisations like INTACH, ISOLA, IGBC, PMC, PCMC, AESA, IIA , JOLA, OIKOS, CEE, Parisar, PCERF, MTDC, Novisad Serbia, Demola - Budapest, IaaC, Barcelona, AAVS, Wienerberger

BNCA has been a member of the UN Academic Impact (UNAI) since 2012 and became a UNAI hub in 2014.
BNCA has been in top 10 for US Solar Decathlon
BNCA has always bagged second prize in various catagories of Solar Decathlon India

CEDA Award for the Best Innovative College year 2023.

Sakaal Award for ‘Best Architecture College’ year 2022.

Most Promising Architecture Institute of the Year - Maharashtra in 2022

Top & Most Innovative Architecture College of the year 2021

In 2019, Dr Kashyap was invited by the Academic Union Council of Oxford
University, England, as an expert Speaker for the ‘Oxford Debate University of the

BNCA - Asia’s best Architectural Institute year 2014-15

2 workshops of half day
10/6/2023 16:45:39isds@maharshikarve.org ISDS - VISION
Our sustainability wing is undergoing a transformational change, and we are reimagining our approach by integrating Education in sustainable Development (ESD) and e-learning under one umbrella since 4th Oct 2022 at ISDS launch. 

MKSSS’s Institute of Sustainability and Development Studies (ISDS) Online E learning Portal. This is an exclusive Portal built by MKSSS & BNCA

Through e-learning, we aim to provide our students from all MKSSS units with an accessible and flexible way to learn and to empower them to become agents of change in their communities.

UGC & SPPU affiliated Colleges of MKSSS - E learning Courses with Credit based system: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recommended to students pursuing graduation that they should complete 20 per cent of the course in online format. Therefore, SPPU has encouraged all degree-seeking students to take advantage of this opportunity.

We are fortunate to be at the forefront of this exciting change, and we look forward to continuing our legacy of empowering women and promoting sustainability through all our 65 units. 
Partner - India flyind Lab
Mou with CII – Young Indians
Mou with Cresendo World wide
Gramya – gram panchyat Radio

Hosted and Conducted online training of 150+ government professionals from ​


Town Planning Department of Maharashtra 
Become the Co-Lead for India Flying lab for capacity building and training youth and girls/women for drones and its use for social good

Prof. Asmita Joshi represented ISDS at all C20 Programs curating the theme Habitat and Life
Prof, Namrata Dhamankar and Prof.Piyush Girgaonkar reprented ISDS at Y20

Prof.Nidhi Dixit, Saurabh Sabale and Mohit Jadhav to receive training as a certified Pilot as well as a certified Trainer

Prof Asmita Joshi to curated Exhibition Temples of India in Portugal

Prof. Nidhi conducted Photogammetry Workshop in South Africa

Prof.Asmita Joshi and Prof. Anupama Bapat worked for the NSDC Landscape Development Project, Bishnupur Zharkhand

Drone Awareness Workshop - 2 Hours
10/7/2023 14:10:29office.cecaw@maharshikarve.org In this world dominated by intense competition, We are striving to develop Competitive
skills among Girl students.
2. We are Enduring to Create a Women Work Force In Public Service Sector.
3. The courses offered by CECAW are highly cost effective and aim to enhance employability
of Girl Students especially in Government Sector
We share the vision of Government of India to have a work force that reflects Gender
NilNilWe are running two courses for Under graduate and Graduate Female students.Shall be informed later
10/9/2023 NAAC "A" Grade Accreditation twice
- Legacy of 25 years in Fashion Education
- First-ever institute to initiate Degree Program in Fashion Education
- National and International collaborations and Associations
- State-of-the-art infrastructure
- Eminent personalities from Fashion fraternity on the Advisory board
- Industry integrated curriculum
- Led the one-of-a kind initiative of Green Fashion India
- Diversity in students
SNDT Women's University, Mumbai (In permanent affiliation)
Pearson, UK
DOMUS Academy, Milan
Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti, Italy (NABA)
Arts University, Bournemouth (AUB)
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Indian Institute of Gems and Jewelry, Mumbai
Mahendra M. Nanawati, Inst. of Laser Technology & Applications
Maitri Global Education
- NAAC "A" Grade Accreditation twice
- Winner of "Star Quality Award" in Fashion Education by BID Geneva
- Winner of "Research Initiative Awards, Twice at IFFTI
- Represented India at International Design Competitions at SDC more than four times
DATE: 4 th and 5 th November 2023
DURATION: 1.5 Hours

DATE: 4 th and 5 th November 2023
DURATION: 1.5 Hours

10/9/2023 16:38:04dsc_ait4@maharshikarve.org will provide you soon.Will provide you soon.Will provide you soon.Will provide you soon.1) Python for Data Science
2) Data Visualization tool using Power BI / Tableau
3)Machine Learning for Data Science

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